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The Gathering of the Piano Industry

Andrew Huang (‘29), March 16, 2024

At the beginning of this year, I participated in the International Maestro Piano Festival - IMPF (International Maestro Piano Festival) hosted by Maestro Art. This art festival was held at ZhongShan University in Siziwan, Kaohsiung. The opening ceremony was held in the glass church next to the beach, which brought an extraordinary start to the art festival. The vast sea views, beautiful sunsets, and playful wild monkeys accompanied us through this wonderful and fulfilling nine days.

The organizer, Professor Yen Chun Chieh, is very attentive. He invited many excellent international and domestic teachers. During these nine days, each student received individual masterclasses from six masters. There was also time to practice the piano and observe other students' classes. The last two days featured concerts by students and masters. From sunrise to dusk every day, the schedule was very tight.

During the classes, I learned many new interpretation ideas and practice techniques, each of which surprised and benefited me and will be very helpful for my future practice. I deeply understand that the reason why masters become masters is indeed because of their unique ideas, insights, and also how much effort they put in to have such abilities! I am also very grateful to them for selflessly imparting everything they know.

In this International Masters Piano Art Festival, in addition to learning new skills to enrich myself, what is even more proud is that through this opportunity, I can make many new friends with similar interests. In them, I can see many different advantages and share some. Encourage each other with your learning process and mood, and also move forward together towards your dreams. There was another part of this art festival where I was ill and had a fever, so I was unable to attend the course for one and a half days. What a pity! I will definitely participate in the future International Masters Piano Art Festival if possible because not only can I learn a lot, but I can also see my own shortcomings and learn to correct myself so that I can play more beautiful music.



黃博暐 ('29)

        在2024年初,我參加了由大師藝術主辦的國際大師鋼琴藝術節 - IMPF(International Maestro Piano Festival)。這次的藝術節在高雄西子灣的中山大學舉行,開幕式在沙灘旁的玻璃教堂舉行,為藝術節帶來非凡的開端。廣闊的海景、美麗的夕陽和調皮的野生猴子,陪伴我們度過了這個精彩而充實的九天。 


        在上課過程中,我學到了許多新的詮釋想法和練習技巧,每個都讓我感到驚訝且受用,對我未來的練習非常有助益。我深刻瞭解到大師之所以成為大師,確實是因為他們在想法和見解上有獨特之處,同時也是付出了多少努力才有這樣的能力!我也非常感激他們無私地傳授自已所知道的一切。        這次的國際大師鋼琴藝術節,除了學習新技能充實自己外,更開心的是透過這個機會,可以結交到很多志同道合的新朋友,在他們身上,可以看見很多不同的優點,也會分享一些自己的學習過程及心情,互相鼓勵,一起向夢想前進。這次的藝術節,還有一個小插曲,我因為生病發燒,有一天半的課程,無法參加,非常可惜啊!下一屆的國際大師鋼琴藝術節,我一定還要參加,因為不只能學到很多,也可以看到自己的缺點,從中學習修正自己,讓自已能彈出更優美的樂音。


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