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Faculty Spotlight ~ Ms. Joanna Morgan

Camilla Chen & Sophia Yu ('29), Apr. 14, 2024

Ms. Joanna Morgan is the Secondary EAL Specialist and an advisory teacher here at AST. She has been teaching here since the beginning of this academic year, but has been teaching for more than 10 years. She has taught many different subjects such as drama, English, the IB program, and many more! Also, she has taught in many different countries such as China, South Korea, England, and now Taiwan. She enjoys challenging herself by visiting countries that she does not know the language of. Furthermore, she is very passionate about teaching and believes that to be a teacher is to be a lifelong learner. She believes that when you decide to be a teacher, you are similar to a student. This is because a student learns and then reflects on it. Similarly, teachers need to keep learning because they need to prepare students for a world that keeps changing, but also, because we are always discovering more about how students learn best and need to keep adapting our teaching practice. This creates a constant cycle of learning, teaching and reflecting.

She started teaching because of her belief in the goodness of people and she wanted to be a part of making a difference. Ms. Morgan has been enjoying her time here at AST because of the wonderful people on campus and the mountainous terrain of our school. When she arrived in Taiwan she loved that the people were so compassionate. For instance, when it was her birthday, a kind guard named Mr. Leo gave her a birthday cake! She enjoys multiple things such as writing, reading, playing with her cat and spending time in nature. Interestingly, her dream job as a kid was an interior designer and, jokingly, a tree!

Ms. Morgan 是 AST 的中學 EAL 老師以及七年級的導師之一。 她已經教書超過十年了。 她教授過許多不同的科目,如戲劇、英語、IB 課程等。 此外,她也曾在許多不同的國家任教,例如中國、韓國、英國,現來到在台灣。 她喜歡透過拜訪她不懂語言的國家來挑戰自己。 此外,她對教學充滿熱情,並相信成為一名教師就是成為一個終身學習者。 她認為,當一個人決定成為老師時,就和學生是一樣的, 這是因為學生學習之後會反思, 同樣的,教師需要不斷學習,因為他們需要讓學生為持續變化的世界做好準備,而且因為我們能發現學生如何最好地學習,並且需要不斷調整教學。 這創造了學習、教學和反思的良性循環。

Ms. Morgan熱愛教書是因為她相信人性本善,她想成為改變人心的一部分。 她很享受在 AST 的生活,因為學校裡有很多優秀的人,還有我們周邊的山區環境。 她到台灣之後,很喜歡富有愛心的台灣人,例如在她生日的時候,一位名叫Leo的好心警衛送給她一個生日蛋糕! 她喜歡做很多事,例如寫作、閱讀、和她的貓玩耍,以及造訪大自然。 有趣的是,她小時候夢想的工作是室內設計師,她還開玩笑地說,也想當一棵樹!


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