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Interview with Dr. Brown after CATES Educators' Conference 2024

Written by Nero Ho, Grace Hung, Irene Liao, Mandy Liao, Sophia Yu (‘29)

On Saturday, February 24th 2024, AST was bustling with activities as over 160 educators serving in Taiwan international schools gathered at AST to participate in the first-ever CATES Educators' Conference!

Dr. Brown initially conceived the idea of hosting this conference at AST with the vision of creating something new in Taiwan. His goal was to bring together teachers from across the island to share their experiences. He aimed to make the conference affordable for every teacher, ensuring that they could participate and benefit from the event.

The conference not only provides an opportunity for teachers to meet and network with others, but also allows AST teachers to showcase their teaching methods and learn from others. For many attendees, this conference was their first visit to our campus, providing them with an opportunity to experience our school and fall in love with the campus environment!

During the event, administrators and teachers eagerly shared their knowledge with each other. A total of 160 teachers and principals attended, all working towards the same goal. They had the opportunity to learn various teaching practices from different perspectives, which encouraged them to be more open-minded. Additionally, some teachers had the rare opportunity to present to others, further enriching the experience.

Networking and connecting with others played a significant role in enhancing teaching practices. The main goal was to take responsibility for helping others grow and create a meaningful experience, reflecting AST's core values and its contribution to Taiwan. It felt like the community as a whole had one common goal.

After the event, Ms. Sylvester sent surveys to all attendees to gather feedback and improve future meetings. Dr. Brown expressed a desire to make the conference more accessible to a wider audience and to adjust the timing of workshops based on the many ideas shared.

The inaugural CATES Educators’ Conference was a resounding success, leaving Dr. Brown proud of AST's achievement. When asked for advice for AST's teachers and community, Dr. Brown emphasized the importance of backing up your vision with integrity and courage to see it through. He acknowledged that venturing into new territory often involves uncertainty and a lack of confidence, but overcoming these challenges requires organization and adherence to our core values, such as courage and integrity!

何柏翰、洪苡汝、廖子嫻、廖苡媗、余亮妍 (‘29) 撰稿


Dr. Brown最初會萌生在 AST 舉辦這次研討會的想法,是希望在台灣開創一些新事物。他的目標是將全台灣國際學校的教師聚集在一起,分享他們的教學經驗。他也希望讓每位教師都能負擔得起這次研討會的費用,確保他們能夠參加這次活動並從中受益。



與他人建立聯繫在加強教學實踐方面發揮了重要作用。主要目標是能幫助他人成長並創造有意義之體驗的責任,這反映 AST 的核心價值及其對台灣的貢獻,感覺整個社群都有一個共同的目標。

活動結束後,Ms. Sylvester發給與會者調查問卷,以收集回饋並改善未來的研討會。Dr. Brown希望讓更多的老師能更容易地參加這次會議,並根據他們所分享的想法來調整研討會的時間表。

首屆 CATES 教育研討會取得了巨大成功,Dr. Brown對AST 此次的成就感到自豪。當被問及對 AST 教師和社群的建議時,Dr. Brown強調了以正直和勇氣實現願景的重要性,他承認,冒險進入新領域往往會帶來不確定性且令人缺乏信心,但克服這些挑戰需要組織並堅持我們的核心價值觀-----勇氣和正直!



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